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A few generations ago, coffee was a bland, bitter brew. Scooped from a vacuum-sealed metal can, the generic coffee blend inside had been staled to prevent the can from exploding since fresh-roasted beans release three times their volume as CO2. The electric drip coffee maker used then--and this generally holds true today--was unequipped to achieve the 195-205 degree F. water temperature required to pull a coffee's complete range of flavors into the brew.

Yet, until the mid-20th century many folks in this country were drinking coffee brewed in siphon pots. The Chemex had been invented several decades earlier. And centuries before that, the Dutch East India Trading Co. introduced colonists to coffees from Sumatra, Java and Yemen--all grown from heirloom varietals that had been cultivated organically.

Our nation's relationship with coffee has thankfully turned a corner in the past few decades. Increasingly, consumers recognize that coffee is a revelation when beans are sourced from farmers committed to excellence, skillfully roasted to ensure that their finest qualities sing out, and brewed to achieve a superior cup rather than merely a convenient one.

We are honored to have been a part of America's coffee renaissance. In 1993 we launched the first specialty coffee roasting company in the region to share fresh-roasted, amazing coffee with folks in search of a better cup. Our mission then continues to this day--to craft the very best cup of coffee available anywhere.

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The Influence of Geography on Coffee Quality

Like fine wine, the revered coffees of the world acquire distinctive qualities and exceptional flavor by virtue of their geography. Since our coffee company operates in the heart of northeastern Ohio's grape country and fine wineries.
The Effect of Altitude on Coffee Flavor graphic

The Effect of Altitude on Coffee Flavor

The influence of geography on the flavor of a coffee bean is profound. All coffee grows in the tropics, but the altitude at which it is grown contributes significantly to a coffee’s flavor profile. Mountainous regions of the Coffee Belt, a tropical band...
Which Has More Caffeine: Light or Dark Roast

Which Has More Caffeine: Light or Dark Roast?

Which coffee has more caffeine? Here’s the abbreviated answer: It depends. Let’s dispel the most common myth right off the bat: A dark-roast bean contains more caffeine than a light-roast bean due to its stronger flavor. Not true. Actually the...


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