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Sticky BunsPumpkin spice latteChicken Mozzarella Tomato Panini Apple PieStuffed bread with pepperoni and mozzarella

Our coffeehouse offers an on-site coffee roastery as well as a scratch bakery that provides house-made breads and pastries produced with no preservatives, brunch and luncheon items created with the finest ingredients, sandwiches made to order, a range of desserts, and freshly roasted coffees, organic teas, and specialty drinks.


Fresh Brewed.....$1.75-2.50

Single Serve - Pour Over, French Press, Chemex.....$3.00-4.00


Cold Brew.....$3.00-3.50

Red Eye.....$2.50-3.50

Black Eye.....$3.00-4.00


Espresso - single/double/quad.....$1.50-2.50



Latte with flavoring.....$4.00-5.00

Flat White.....$3.50-4.50

Cortado.....$3.00 (4.5 oz.)


Macchiato - caramel, latte.....$4.00-5.00


White Chocolate Mocha.....$4.00-5.00


Custom-Brewed Loose Leaf Tea.....$2.00-3.00

Chai Latte.....$3.50-4.50

Iced Tea

Iced Chai Latte.....$3.50-4.50

Iced Black Tea.....$2.00-3.00

Iced Tea with Lemonade.....$3.00-4.00


Fruit Smoothies.....$4.00-6.00
(Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Vanilla, Blueberry Raspberry Yogurt)

(Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry)

(Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana)

Decadent Hot Chocolate.....$3.00-4.00

Kid's Hot Chocolate - 6 oz......$1.00
Kid's Milk - 6 oz. regular or chocolate.....$1.00
Bottled Water, Juice Box, Pop.....$1.00

Sports Drink.....$1.25


Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.....$5.75/ with meat $7.25
(Egg patty, bacon or ham, Middlefield cheddar, tomato and greens on house-made roll)

Cinnamon Roll French Toast.....$4.75
(Two scratch-made cinnamon roll halves dipped in batter, baked and dusted with confectioner's sugar) 

Veggie Frittata.....$3.50
(Roasted tomato, onion and baby spinach in egg filling)

Assorted Bakery Items.....$1.59-5.00
(Choose from scratch-made scones, sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, muffins, strata, granola bars, cruffins, mini quiche, bear claws, and other pastries)

All sandwiches come with a complementary house-made soup, house-made potato salad, small salad or potato chips. We'll convert any sandwich into a salad by swapping the bread for a bed of greens. Just ask us!

Turkey Club Panini.....$9.50
(Slow-roasted turkey breast, Applewood-smoked bacon and tomato on house-made white or 7-grain bread) 

Chicken, Tomato and Mozzarella Panini.....$9.00
(House-roasted chicken breast, tomato, mozzarella and baby spinach on house-made white or 7-grain bread)

Applewood Smoked BLT.....$8.00
(Applewood-smoked bacon, tomato and artisan greens on house-made white sandwich bread) 

Chicken Salad Sandwich.....$7.50
(Poached chicken breast, dried cranberries, toasted almonds and celery on house-made white sandwich bread) 

Veggie Panini.....$8.00
(Roasted Portobello mushrooms, red peppers, red onion, basil pesto and white cheddar on house-made white or 7-grain bread)

Reuben Panini.....$11.00
(Tender shaved corned beef, sauerkraut and Middlefield Swiss on marbled rye)

Italian Panini.....$10.00
(Genoa salami, ham, sandwich pepperoni, mozzarella, banana peppers and Italian dressing on white or 7-grain bread)

Stuffed Bread.....$7.50
(Sandwich pepperoni and mozzarella stuffed inside our scratch dough 
and baked until it oozes cheesy goodness)

Grilled Cheese Panini.....$6.00
(Middlefield white and yellow cheddar) 
add ham or bacon.....$7.50

Half-Sandwich Combo.....$6.50
(Any half sandwich above with side of house-made soup, small salad, house potato salad or chips) 


House-Roasted Turkey and Bacon.....$9.50
(slow-roasted turkey breast, crispy bacon, tomato, cucumbers, red onion
rings on bed of artisan greens with dressing on side)

(Genoa salami, sandwich pepperoni, mozzarella, banana peppers on bed of artisan greens with dressing on side)

Small Garden Salad.....$4.50
(Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber and onion with dressing on side)


PB & J.....$4.79
(Smooth peanut butter and grape jelly on house-made sandwich bread with fruit cup)

Grilled Cheese.....$4.79
(Middlefield yellow cheddar on house-made sandwich bread with fruit cup) 


(carrot, Italian cream, chocolate, German chocolate, coconut, chocolate peanut butter)

Pie, Torte, Crostata.....$3.75-4.25/slice
(apple, blueberry, pecan, peanut butter, lemon, Concord grape)

(plain with fruit glaze, pumpkin swirl, peanut butter swirl, chocolate swirl, turtle)

Quarter Pounder Cookies and Brownies.....$1.59-2.50
(chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate chip, ginger chewies, Buckeye brownies)