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Blended with fresh herbs, spices, and botanicals, each herbal (also known as tisane - pronounced tea-zahn) we offer presents a flavor profile suitable for any palate. Herbals are an essential part of the tea world, but they are not technically teas. Instead, they are made from a plant or plants other than Camellia sinensis--the plant that true teas are created from. Consequently, all herbals or tisanes are free of caffeine - and caffeine-free has never tasted so good!

Herbals have been consumed for enjoyment and medicinal purposes for centuries and are usually categorized by the part of the plant they come from. Some examples of each of the major categories are:

  • Leaf herbals: lemon balm, mint, lemongrass and French verbena
  • Flower herbals: rose, chamomile, hibiscus and lavender
  • Bark herbals: cinnamon and black cherry bark
  • Root herbals: ginger and chicory
  • Fruit/berry herbals: raspberry, blueberry, peach, and apple
  • Seed/spice herbals: cardamom, caraway, and fennel
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