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The Influence of Geography on Coffee Quality

Like fine wine, the revered coffees of the world acquire distinctive qualities and exceptional flavor by virtue of their geography. Since our coffee company operates in the heart of northeastern Ohio's grape country and fine wineries.
The Effect of Altitude on Coffee Flavor graphic

The Effect of Altitude on Coffee Flavor

The influence of geography on the flavor of a coffee bean is profound. All coffee grows in the tropics, but the altitude at which it is grown contributes significantly to a coffee’s flavor profile. Mountainous regions of the Coffee Belt, a tropical band...
Which Has More Caffeine: Light or Dark Roast

Which Has More Caffeine: Light or Dark Roast?

Which coffee has more caffeine? Here’s the abbreviated answer: It depends. Let’s dispel the most common myth right off the bat: A dark-roast bean contains more caffeine than a light-roast bean due to its stronger flavor. Not true. Actually the...
History of Coffee: Americas

The History of Coffee, Part 3: The Americas

Of the three world regions ideally suited to grow coffee—Africa, Indonesia, and the Americas—the last region introduced to the coffee tree is the world's premier coffee producer today. That region is the Americas. The centuries-old odyssey...
indonesia volcanoes at dusk

The History of Coffee, Part 2: Indonesia

When the Dutch imported the first arabica coffee trees to Indonesia in 1699, they established the world's first European-owned coffee estates in the process. Dutch dominance in coffee production and trade would span nearly two centuries and result in unprecedented commercial...
History of Coffee: Africa and Arabia

The History of Coffee, Part 1: Africa and Arabia

The rise of coffee's world standing from an obscure fruit seed in the 5th century to the most traded global commodity after oil today is remarkable. As the ancestral land of all arabica coffees, Africa authored the first chapters of coffee's intriguing history.
The Health Benefits of Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee

We've all been encouraged to subscribe to the old adage that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, here's a new maxim that has gained some traction. Drinking six cups of coffee a day just might keep advanced prostrate cancer away.
The Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel

The Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel

How often have you enjoyed a great cup of coffee but struggled to describe the qualities in it that impressed you? Well, you're not alone. In the coffee industry, the ability to note and convey the distinct properties of a coffee is essential.
The Skinny on Coffee

The Skinny on Coffee

If you're among the millions of Americans determined to cut back on calories and focus increased attention on the nutritional value of foods, you might want to include coffee on your short list of non-fat, low-calorie beverages. From a nutritional standpoint, brewed coffee...
Half Caff: A Flavorful Alternative to Decaf

Half Caff: A Flavorful Alternative to Decaf

Decaf drinkers tend to be on a perpetual quest for a more flavorful cup of coffee. And for good reason. Regardless of the method used, decaffeination results in a significant loss of flavor, aroma, and acidity.
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The Effect of Roast Style on Coffee Flavor

Second only to the quality of beans in the roaster, coffee roasting represents the single most important influence on flavor. The dynamic cause-effect process of roasting, whereby the degree of roast serves as the significant variable, is easy...
The Effect of Processing on Coffee Flavor

The Effect of Processing on Coffee Flavor

Do you prefer the flavor of a dry-processed coffee or one that has been wet-processed? If you have no clue as to the difference, you’re in good company. Yet if single origin coffee happens to be your favorite cup of joe, knowing how a...