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Brew Guide: Kalita Wave Dripper

You’ll appreciate the balance and sweetness produced by the Kalita Wave. As a flat-bottomed brewer, it allows for even extraction and flow restriction, resulting in a delicious cup of coffee.


Brewing with Kalita WaveWhat You Need:

Kalita Wave dripper
Kalita Wave filter
Burr grinder
23 grams coffee
375g water just off the boil (about 205° F)

Rinse Filter:
Place the Kalita Wave filter into the dripper and rinse the filter with hot water. This removes the paper flavor from the filter and heats the server.

Measure and Grind:
Discard the rinse water from the carafe or coffee cup and grind 23g of coffee as fine as table salt. Add it to the filter, ensuring that the bed is completely flat. Place the Kalita Wave on top of a carafe or cup. Tare your scale to zero.

Bloom by pouring 30 grams of water right off the boil (about 205° F) into the bed of coffee, completely saturating it. The bloom allows the coffee to de
-gas, enabling the water to yield the full potential of the coffee. Allow to expand for 45 seconds. Pour in concentric circles to evenly agitate all the coffee and control water direction under the surface of the slurry.
Coffee degasses or “blooms” when it’s fresh, so the coffee bed should rise and bubble a bit. It's an essential step that should never be rushed. Give the coffee a stir with a spoon.

Three Pours:
1. Pour another 115 grams of water (for a total of 145g) and let it drip until 1:30.
2. Pour another 105 grams of water (for a total of 250g) and let it drip until 2:30.
3. Pour another 125 grams of water (for a total of 375g) and let it drip until 3:30.

Remove the Wave from the carafe or coffee cup and set the brewer in the sink to allow the remaining water to drain through. Serve immediately.

Note: For all our brewing methods, we suggest starting with a 1:16 coffee to water ratio which provides an excellent extraction level that maximizes flavor. Feel free to adjust this ratio to achieve a stronger brew if you wish. Should you find that the flavor is stronger than you’d like, however, simply dilute the brewed coffee with fresh, hot water. See our Four Fundamentals to a Perfect Cup for a fuller explanation of the coffee to water ratio under the heading "Proportion."