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Breakfast Blend Decaf
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Breakfast Blend Decaf

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Breakfast fuels a perfect start to the day and great morning coffee sets the mood. The coffee should be wakeful but not too spirited, flavorful yet refined. Our Breakfast Blend Decaf strikes just the right balance of ripe fruit notes and smooth body for a coffee that radiates pure appeal. Superbly aromatic, its sweetness lingers long into the finish. 

Our classic breakfast cup pairs Latin American coffees—some with a little snap and others with a little toasted nut and cocoa—to bring clarity to that all-important morning cup. For that matter, enjoy this blend anytime of the day for a delicious wake-me-up. Breakfast Blend is a post-roast blend meaning that we roast each coffee to its peak flavor and then blend it with other coffees that have been roasted to theirs. 

A long-standing customer favorite with its bright flavors and balanced acidity, Breakfast Blend Decaf is too good not to wake up for.