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Covered Bridge Blend
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Covered Bridge Blend

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Our signature blend and perennial best-seller, Covered Bridge Blend reveals itself in layers—lively notes at the top anchored by mellow richness at the base. 
Seventeen historic covered bridges add charm to the natural beauty of our county, Ohio's Covered Bridge Capital. We salute our area in Covered Bridge Blend, a deliciously rich and vibrant coffee that comforts with its vanilla-toned aroma, smooth body and lush fruit. It's perfect company for drinking in the pleasures of home, wherever home might be.

We like to think that this coffee is as unique as the 228-foot-long Harpersfield Covered Bridge built in 1868 which spans the Grand River, a state-designated wild and scenic river. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the bridge suffered erosion damage during the great flood of 1913 that washed away the northern approach. This event altered the river channel, so a 140-foot steel truss was attached.

The Grand River also contributes significantly to our local wine industry. The tempering climate associated with the southern shore of Lake Erie and the Grand River that slices through our county provide ideal conditions for world-class wines.