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Geneva-on-the-Lake Blend
black coffee in a white ceramic coffee cup
coffee with cream in a black coffee mug
iced coffee in a clear glass with straw

GOTL Blend

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Our GOTL(Geneva-on-the-Lake) Blend celebrates Ohio's oldest summer resort, located on the shores of Lake Erie in the northeastern part of the state. Established in 1869, the area offered public picnic grounds and a horse-powered carousel. By the early 1900s, the area attracted the likes of John D. Rockefeller, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford who made yearly trips there to hunt and fish.
Offering an eclectic mix of businesses, this vacation spot continues to thrive. From the famed Eddie's Grill, Firehouse Winery, and Madsen Doughnuts to the upscale Lakehouse Inn Winery, Crosswinds Grille, and The Lodge and Conference Center—there's something for everyone.
GOTL Blend offers up raisin-toned chocolate balanced by brandied fruit in the front. Its rich body and light syrupy mouthfeel bring sweetness to the cup. This coffee's bold exterior belies its smooth, accessible personality—a coffee with big, complex flavors and expressive aromatics.