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French Roast
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French Roast

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Our darkest roast patiently applied to a blend of hardy aristocratic beans achieves the flavor profile prized by those who favor bold coffees. At this degree of heat, beans begin to yield their varietal character to the power of the roast and plush chocolaty body emerges. High-grown beans flex their muscle in this French Roast to deliver sweet caramel and characteristic notes of smoky spice.

We take these beans to a roast level just shy of "very dark." If we roasted them any darker, their celebrated flavors would be lost. Years ago, French Roast coffee was used to mask the poor taste qualities of inferior beans. Although some roasters continue to use that approach, we don't. Instead, we pre-blend these coffees and take them to a "dark roast" level to deepen their fruit and milk chocolate notes to caramel and bittersweet chocolate. We avoid going so dark as to allow the harsh, burnt flavor profile characteristic of some "very dark" roasted coffees to emerge. 

Our noble arabica beans deliver all the bite you're looking for without sacrificing the dense varietal flavor hidden deep within.