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Uganda Kapkwai Sipi Falls Natural, Rainforest Alliance
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Uganda Kapkwai Sipi Falls Natural, Rainforest Alliance

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Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa for its majestic mountains, national parks and world-famous lakes and rivers. Our dry-processed Ugandan is equally stunning. The coffee is cultivated on family-owned farms situated on the northern slopes of Mount Elgon, a massive peak split nearly in two by the border of Uganda and Kenya. As a fruit-dried coffee, this microlot is replete with expressions of fresh watermelon and strawberry, while notes of chocolate contribute to the smooth body and follow into the finish. Its floral qualities are reminiscent of an excellent Ethiopian. 
The microregion is rife with coffee as fertile volcanic loam soil, lush greenery and waterfalls provide nutrient-rich growing conditions for coffee trees. The area is well-served by the Sipi Falls mill, a centralized washing station with the capacity to process cherries and dry coffee as a means to improve the value to local farmers. Cherries are sorted and then dried on raised beds under retractable roofs. The mill’s ability to ensure strict drying protocols has improved coffee quality in recent years and created sustainable incomes for farmers in the region. 
This particular microlot is one of just a small handful of natural coffees produced by the station. Coffees like this, where the fruit is untouched and allowed to sun-dry, retain high amounts of fruit flavor due to their increased contact time with the cherry. This lot was floated in water to sort for density and damaged beans prior to drying. The raised beds provide even airflow and the employees of the mill turn the coffee frequently to ensure uniform drying for optimal quality and shelf life.
Grower : Smallholder farmers organized around the Sipi Falls washing station
Variety: Blue Mountain, SL14, SL28
Region: Kapkwai, Kapchorwa District, Eastern Region, Uganda
Harvest: September - February
Altitude: 1300 – 2000 meters
Soil: Volcanic loam
Process: Dried in the fruit on raised beds in the sun
Certification: Rainforest Alliance