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Nicaragua Organic Finca El Pastoral

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In 2004 Juan de Dios Castillo decided to do what he had always dreamed of doing - purchase a coffee farm. Juan de Dios is an agronomist by trade and after years of working alongside his four siblings on their father's farm, (J&M Family Coffee, a privately-owned export company), he purchased El Pastoral, a rather tired farm of ten hectares. Juan de Dios kept the farm's organic certification and set to work replenishing the plant stock and improving agricultural practices. Owing to his sound management of resources and shade, he increased productivity dramatically. Over the last few years he has concentrated on improving the quality of his coffee, while at the same time expanding his farm to 65 hectares.

Our honey-processed micro lot from El Pastoral is smooth and syrupy with prominent cocoa flavors balanced with notes of cantaloupe, citrus fruits, mild berries and hints of nutty-like almond. When brewed, this coffee is well-rounded and balanced with great potential for pour-over and espresso applications.

The extent of Juan de Dios's commitment to quality can be measured by this honey-processed lot, a stunning example of the degree to which his meticulous attention to every facet of his business has reaped long-lasting rewards. Coffee cherries are selected for more specialized processing rather than relying on the more common washed method. They are carefully harvested, sorted and depulped. Then the remaining seed covered in mucilage is transported to the dry-mill where the weather conditions are more stable for even drying. After drying is completed, the coffee is stored and later prepared for export at the same dry-mill. 


Grower: Juan de Dios Castillo

Variety: Catuai, Parainema

Region: Jinotega

Altitude: 1100 - 1460 masl

Soil: Volcanic loam

Process: "Honey" Process; Depulped and dried on raised screens

Certification: Organic