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Nicaragua Los Delirios Natural Organic

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Our Los Delirios is a stunner of a coffee! Produced by the Canales family, multi-year winners of the Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence, coffee is grown organically resulting in a spectacularly sweet and complex cup. In fact, the coffee produced by the Canales family routinely ranks head and shoulders above the next  best Nicaraguan offering year after year. Smooth, clean and balanced, this coffee's profile is dominated by chocolate, caramel and honey with hints of baked orange acidity. 

The Los Delirios is a honey-processed coffee, meaning that a bit of the fruit surrounding the coffee seed is left in its protective parchment coat. It then bypasses the fermentation stage and moves directly to shaded, raised beds to dry. Coffee processed in this manner is known as pulped natural, or occasionally semi-washed. This approach is intended to promote a clean cupping profile. It also creates unique flavors achieved by adjusting the amount of pulp and mucilage that remain on the beans during preparation.

The Canales family has been growing and processing coffee since 1958 in Pueblo Nuevo, a municipality within Nicaragua's Esteli department just south of the Honduran border. Organized as the El Eden Group, the family oversees a vast collective of family farms run by Daniel Canales and his sons Milton, Donal and Norman.

Situated among those farms is the celebrated Finca Los Delirios and within Los Delirios sits a smaller farm named Termopilas, a 19-acre parcel on which our Nicaragua Los Delirios was grown. Owned and operated by Milton Canales, the farm cultivates coffee under a shade canopy of diverse trees native to the region. The farm also serves as a wildlife refuge. A refuge such as this promotes a bird-friendly habitat that, in turn, reduces pests and negates the need for pesticide.


Grower: Canales Family, Finca Los Delirios, Termopilas
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica
Region: Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli, Nicaragua
Harvest: October-March
Altitude: 1450 meters above sea level (masl)
Soil: Clay minerals

Process: Honey process: pulped and dried on shaded raised beds
Certification: Organic