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Kenya Organic Muiri Estate Peaberry
Kenya Organic Muiri Estate Peaberry
Kenya Organic Muiri Estate Peaberry
Kenya Organic Muiri Estate Peaberry

Kenya Organic Muiri Estate Peaberry

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Sourced from the Muiri Estate in Kiambu County, this Kenyan peaberry is a rare gem that checks the boxes for both deliciousness and organic certification.  It's highly unusual to find organic coffees in Kenya, so this one definitely deserves a closer look. Balanced and complex with notes of plum, citrus and honey, it features floral qualities, a chocolate-toned body and strawberry-like acidity that merge to produce a vibrant version of the great Kenyan profile. 

This coffee was grown on an expansive shade-grown plantation of 443 acres with 216 acres used for coffee cultivation intercropped with over 200 species of trees totaling more than 90,000 that include silver oak and eucalyptus. Additional land has been set aside for housing 1,000 local families employed during the peak harvest season. The estate relies on its own wet-mill for processing to ensure that cherry selection, depulping, fermentation, washing and drying are meticulously carried out. Muiri Estate sits just north of Nairobi but slightly south of the more frequently known specialty coffee producing regions of Nyeri, Kirinyaga and Embu.

Our Kenyan was produced from coffee trees of the admired heirloom SL28 and SL34 varieties of Arabica, as well as the hybrids Ruiru 11 and K7. Muiri Estate was established in 1969 and has been certified organic since 2008. Named for an African tree species called Pruners, or "Muiri" in the Kikuyu language, the estate is well-developed and admired for its commitment to excellence in coffee production.

Despite grower discontent and sporadic social disorder, Kenya ranks as one of the top two coffee growing countries, (the other being Ethiopia) in the world as it continues to produce truly elegant and distinctive coffees.

Suggested Brewing: Hario V60, Chemex


Grower: Muiri Coffee Estate
Variety: K7, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34
Region: Kiambu County, Kenya
Altitude: 1537-1550 masl
Soil: Volcanic loam
Process: Fully washed after pulping and fermenting, then soaked overnight and dried on raised beds
Certification: Organic