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Colombia Huila Pink Bourbon

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Grown from the Pink Bourbon coffee varietal, a rare and coveted hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, this Colombian is juicy and expressive. The coffee stands out in every way--from the striking pink color of its ripe coffee cherries to the sweetly complex flavor of its beans. Yet even in ideal growing conditions, Pink Bourbon is challenging to cultivate. In addition to meticulous plant maintenance, farmers must isolate their crops to encourage successful cross-pollination and the ongoing production of pink fruit. Harvesting also requires extra diligence as coffee growers look for subtle color nuances that separate underripe cherries from mature ones. Given all the variables that need to align, this lot is a phenomenal feat. Elegant and balanced with sweet floral tones, the coffee offers a truly breathtaking cup profile.

Fortunately, the fourteen Colombian growers responsible for this micro-lot were more than up to the challenge. Hints of watermelon, kiwi fruit, guava and cherry with undertones of rich chocolate complement the lush, decadent body of this expressive, fruit-forward coffee. It's especially lovely as it cools, brightening and sweetening the cup.

Tucked away in the mountainous regions near Palestina in Colombia's southern Huila department, this coffee was harvested and processed by the small group of producers associated with the Terra Coffee SAS organization. Most are multi-generational farmers who have been producing coffee for decades. The region is part of a gateway to the national park "Cuevas de los Guacharos" (the Guacharo is a large, fruit-eating bird), and was once called "Aguazul," a name that Terra Coffee has applied to its exports.

Owing to the fourteen small growers in the municipality of Palestina, this traceable community blend offers a vibrant regional profile. The producers have their own micro-mills where they carefully harvest cherries, depulp, ferment, wash and gently dry the parchment on raised beds. The harmony achieved among these Pink Bourbon producers in terms of farm management and post-harvest practices ensures a clean and consistent blend while providing just enough variations from farm to farm to create a rich complexity of flavors.

Most of these farms average less than 3 hectares, but small plot size hasn't impeded Colombian producers from adding value to their crops. Unlike smallholders in many other areas of the world who frequently sell their cherries to centralized processing centers, Colombia's powerful Federation (FNC) has empowered producers to pulp, ferment (roughly 25-30 hours per batch), and wash their own coffee, thus selling finished parchment to a dry mill and earning a higher price per pound. 


Grower: 14 producers | Terra Coffee SAS

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Region: Palestina, Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1600-1800m

Soil: Clay minerals

Process: Fully washed and dried within solar dryers that provide protection from the rain