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Sumatra Mandheling
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Fresh Roast Coffees   >>   Coffees of the Pacific   >>  Sumatra Mandheling
        Sumatra Mandheling
$9.75/12 oz
Big and bold, earthy and assertive—the Mandheling has it all. Make no mistake; this powerhouse coffee lives up to its billing.
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Coffee Specs
        One of the world's most desirable coffees, Sumatra Mandheling resonates with Baker's chocolate, a whisper of cedar in the aroma, and low-toned acidity. Distinctively syrupy-bodied, the Mandheling hails from the land ideally suited to grow specialty-grade coffee. This fine arabica is cultivated on the west coast of Sumatra, one of Indonesia's main islands. Regarded as the true coffee lover's coffee, the Mandheling represents the Pacific region's finest offering. We roast the Mandheling to a “full city” (medium-dark) roast to corral the earthiness a bit so that big flavors emerge.  
            Region: Padang
Elevation: Over 4,500 feet
Varietal: Typica
Process: Semi-washed
Roast: Full-City (Med. Dark )
        Origin Notes  

If ever there was a land ideally suited to grow the perfect arabica coffee, it is Sumatra. And this Indonesian island doesn't disappoint with its tropical climate and forested landscape. Lush volcanic soil surrenders coffee as distinctive as its origin, placing Sumatran coffee among an elite group of the world's most exquisite coffees. In short, its arabicas have attained a legendary status in the industry.

Introduced to coffee cultivation by the Dutch in the early 1700s, Sumatra eventually joined with Java, Timor, and Bali as primary suppliers to Europe, giving rise to the Dutch East India coffee trade.

Typically grown on small family farms no larger than several acres, coffee is harvested once its cherries are ripe. The coffee fruit is then pulped by hand and sun-dried before being trucked for further processing. Northern Sumatra is home to the country's most notable traditional arabica coffees. The best of these are sold as Mandheling and Lington. We prefer the semi-washed Sumatra Mandheling for its superior complexity and flavor. This is a gourmet coffee that carries Sumatra's splendor into the cup.

flowering arabica coffee tree
        Recommended Brewing  
French press
          For the best brew, pair Sumatra Mandheling with the French press to amplify its heavy body. The drip method will highlight its rich flavor, but slightly diminish body and aroma. Both flavor and aroma will be accentuated via the vacuum pot. The Mandheling's low acidity and exotic flavor combine to produce an exceptional shot of espresso, too.      
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