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Sulawesi Toraja
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Fresh Roast Coffees   >>   Coffees of the Pacific   >>  Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga
        Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga
SOLD OUT        
$10.45/12 oz
A coffee of world renown, the Toraja Sapan Minanga not only evokes the splendor of the Malay Archipelagoit defines it.
Coffee Specs
        Rare, exotic, and celebrated, Sulawesi Toraja is first cousin to the Sumatra yet offers more complexity than other Indonesian coffees with its silky body, heady aroma, and layers of clove and dense fruit. Known in the Dutch colonial days as "Celebes," the island of Sulawesi lies in the middle of the Indonesian islands, northeast of Bali. One simply cannot separate this island's lush surroundings and unique culture from the specialty coffee it produces. Far better to taste it in every sip. For us, the Toraja really pops at a "full city" (medium-dark) roast where its layered flavors sing out.  
            Region: Torajaland
Elevation: Over 5,000 feet
Varietal: Djember (S-795)
Process: Semi-washed
Roast: Medium Dark
        Origin Notes  
sunset in Sulawesi

The island of Sulawesi produces an intense, multi-dimensioned coffee. The Toraja Sapan Minanga is one of the island's highest-grown coffees and, consequently, its most sought after. The law of supply and demand also impacts its market value. Small yields and fierce buying competition account for a more costly coffee than Sumatra.

The Toraja Sapan Minanga grows in the Torajaland province on the slopes of the Sesean Mountain range. Farmers tend to their coffee on small family plots which provide a diverse shade canopy of foliage indigenous to the area. Crops intended for family consumption, such as citrus, banana, and clove trees, are interspersed among the coffee and infuse the beans with a fruity nuance. Families apply their own drying methods to the harvested coffee cherries resulting in a range of flavors as well.

Sulawesi is a beautiful star-shaped island in Indonesia with a dramatic landscape. Ranging from white sand beaches to 10,000 foot peaks, the terrain is as diverse as the wildlife. Tana Toraja is a mountainous region of southwest Sulawesi and home to the Toraja, an ethnic group traditionally known for their complex ritualistic religion and their tall peaked-roof homes called tongkonan.

        Recommended Brewing   espresso    
          As with all plush-bodied Indonesian coffees, the Toraja Sapan Minanga is at its best when paired with a French press. The drip method will highlight flavor, yet downplay acidity and body. The vacuum pot will accentuate both flavor and aroma. Owing to the Toraja's moderate acidity, range of flavors, and dry processing, it will also render a fine cup of espresso.      
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