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Organic Fair Trade Raspberry Green Tea

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Fresh Tea   >>  Organic Fair Trade Raspberry Loose Green Tea
Organic Raspberry Green Tea, Fair Trade

        Juicy and welcoming, our Organic Raspberry Green tea renders a light pink cup of  delectable berry flavor.    
1 oz Pouch
(Avg. 15 cups)
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        Smooth, steamed green tea leaves blended with tart hibiscus and succulent dried red raspberries make for a visually stunning presentation. This blend is sweet, jammy, and rich with character to render an exceptional cup, brewed hot or served over ice. This tea also goes well with a squeeze of lemon or pomegranate juice. Sweet and fruity and oh-so delicious.   
Tea Specs
            Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic raspberry, organic Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus, natural raspberry flavor    
Organic Fair Trade Raspberry Green Tea

Water: 180°
Leaves: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces of water
Infusion Time: 3-4 minutes

Brew with fresh, cold tap water preferably filtered to remove the chlorine. Bottled spring water also works well.

To achieve the best results, use a ceramic or glass pot with an infuser basket. The pot should be large enough to allow the tea leaves full contact with the water, yet not so large as to render a weak cup. A French press, widely popular as a coffee brewer, also functions nicely for tea preparation.

Before adding tea leaves and heated water for steeping, pour hot water into the pot to warm it. Then pour off the water. This step is important since a cold pot can reduce water temperature 10-15°, thus making it difficult for tea to steep properly and produce a quality cup. Most green teas are best when brewed well below the boiling temperature of 212°F. To achieve a 180° water temperature, heat water in a pot and remove it when tiny bubbles begin to rise rapidly to the surface of the water. 

Measure out 1 tablespoon of tea per 8 ounces of water to begin with. For a stronger cup, increase the tea and slightly reduce the steeping time. Using the proper amount of leaves should allow for a second steeping.

Steep the tea for 3-4 minutes. Be certain to pour out all of the first infusion so that the leaves don't continue to steep. For a second steeping, infuse for 30-60 seconds.

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