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Organic Peach Blossom Tea

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Organic Peach Blossom

Fresh Tea   >>  Organic Peach Blossom Loose Tea
        Organic Peach Blossom Loose Tea  

        Hints of peach and tangerine come through gently to enhance the refreshing white tea flavor. This lovely pale amber tea is equally good iced.    
1 oz Pouch
(Avg. 15 cups)
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        Organic Peach Blossom features white teas hand blended with the natural essences of succulent peaches and tangerines for a flowery finish. The flavor of sweet peaches is well balanced with accents of fresh citrus and white tea character. While some teas suffer in taste as they cool, this one will not. Subtle and calming, the scent of the peaches and tangerines will continue to hover over a cooling cup.  
Tea Specs
            Ingredients: Organic white tea, natural peach flavor, Organic osthmanthus flowers, natural essential oils of orange and tangerine, Organic jasmine flowers    

Water: 185° F
Leaves: 1-2 tablespoons of tea per 8 ounces of water
Infusion Time: 5-6 minutes

Brew with fresh, cold tap water preferably filtered to remove the chlorine. Bottled spring water also works well.

White teas steep best when heat dissipates throughout the steeping process, referred to as allowing the tea "to breathe." To obtain the best results from white tea, use a small (13 oz or less) ceramic or glass pot with an infuser basket. Small pots prevent over-extraction since they contain a smaller amount of water that can cool more quickly.

White teas prefer water cooler than boiling. Boiling water will over-extract the tea producing a bitter, astringent cup. A quick way to cool water to 185° is to bring it to a boil and then pour it into the empty teapot and cup(s). This method should cool the water appropriately. If not, remove the pan or kettle from the heat for a minute or two before adding the leaves and water to the pot.

To fully appreciate the delicate body and flavor of white teas, use lots of leaf. Measure out 1-2 tablespoons of tea per 8 oz of water. For a stronger cup, add more tea and reduce the steeping time slightly. Using the proper amount of leaves should allow for a second, and possibly third, steeping. 

Steep the tea for 5-6 minutes. Be certain to pour out all of the first infusion so that the leaves don't continue to steep. For a second steeping, infuse for 15-30 seconds.

  Organic Peach Blossom Tea
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