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Coffees of the Pacific
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Every coffee has a story to tell about its land of origin.
Like fine wine, a great coffee reveals its goût de terroir—“taste of the place”—in the cup.
Bali Blue Moon Organic
        Bali Blue Moon
Organic, Rainforest
Alliance Certified
$9.95/12 oz        
        Once in a blue moon, a coffee comes along that's downright habit-forming. Bali Blue Moon is such a coffee. Its rich aromatics are a prelude to notes of walnut, semi-sweet chocolate, and vanilla bean in the cup. Big-bodied and smooth, this coffee's bold flavors persist into a long, syrupy black-cherry finish. Although it presents traces of the earthy flavor profile characteristic of Indonesian coffees, Bali Blue Moon renders a clean and classic brew. Grown in the Kintamani Highlands of North Bali, Indonesia, this coffee makes a lasting impression.        
Growing Region: Kintamani Highlands
Elevation: over 4,500 feet 
Cultivar: Varietal hybrids S795 and USDA 762
Process: washed
Roast: Full City (Medium Dark)
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Papua New Guinea AA
Papua New Guinea AA    
$9.75/12 oz      
Papua New Guinea AA is a stunning coffee with the complexity and alluring flavor reminiscent of old-style Jamaican Blue Mountain. Offering a balanced cup with luminous acidity and superb aroma, this coffee is cherished by those who prefer a smooth, richly flavored brew. Its acidity is restrained, a trait common to most Indonesians. Full-bodied with tropical fruit notes earned in part by its high elevation—affording it a "Mile High" designationthis is coffee on a grand scale. Our Papua New Guinea is hand-harvested in the highlands where the elevation and bountiful rainfall create an ideal environment.
Growing Region: Highlands
Elevation: over 5,000 feet
Cultivar: Jamaica Bl. Mt. var. typica
Process: washed
Roast: City (Medium)
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Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
    Sumatra Mandheling     $9.75/12 oz    
    Big and bold, earthy and assertive—the Mandheling has it all. Make no mistake, this powerhouse coffee lives up to its billing. One of the world's most desirable coffees, Sumatra Mandheling resonates with Baker's chocolate, a whisper of cedar in the aroma, and low-toned brooding acidity. Distinctively syrupy-bodied, the Mandheling hails from the land ideally suited to grow specialty-grade coffee. This legendary arabica is cultivated on the west coast of Sumatra, one of Indonesia's main islands. Regarded as the true coffee lover's coffee, the Mandheling is the Pacific region's finest offering.    
      Growing Region: Pandang
Elevation: over 4,500 feet
Cultivar: Typica
Process: semi-washed
Roast: Full City (Medium Dark)
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