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Mexico Chiapas Coffee
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        Mexico Chiapas
$9.75/12 oz

Grown on the slopes of the Sierra Mandre de Chiapas, this welcoming coffee produces a balanced cup with an acidity reminiscent of dry white wine.

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Coffee Specs
        Our high-grown Mexico Chiapas thrives in the region's rich volcanic soil. With a land mass of nearly 46,000 sq. miles, the Chiapas climate ranges from tropical to sub-humid due to vast changes in the region's altitude. Chiapas coffees are admired for their delicate aroma, medium body, natural chocolate flavor, and pleasing acidity. The best Chiapas coffees are grown in the southeast corner of the state close to the Guatemalan border and bear some resemblance to the Huehuetenango coffees of Guatemala.
            Growing Region: Chiapas
Elevation: 5,500 feet
Varietal: Typica
Process: washed
Roast: City+ (Medium+)
        Origin Notes  
Mexican landscape

Coffee production is nothing new to the farmers of Chiapas. From the time that plantations were established in the region during the early 1900s, farmers worked the land as hired laborers. Having acquired a wealth of knowledge related to coffee production and processing, the farmers opted to translate their skills into a self-sufficient venture. Over time, fertile coffee seeds secretly made their way from the plantations to the highland communities of Chiapas. Once the farmers' coffee fields were in full production, they organized cooperatives in search of better markets.

Most coffee growers in Chiapas live in ejidos, a term used to describe land held in common by the entire community and worked by individual families. Located high in the mountains, the coffee fields typically cover 2 to 10 acres. Farmers must walk two or more hours over extremely steep terrain just to reach their coffee crops.

in recent decades, Chiapas has been recognized as one of the most resource-rich states in Mexico. The agricultural production of coffee, corn and cocoa, as well as the growth of cattle-ranching, hydroelectric power, and timber has given Chiapas new economic clout. Chiapas produces 35% of Mexico's coffee, traditionally the state's primary cash crop. Today, however, additional crop production has elevated Chiapas to a ranking as Mexico's second largest agricultural producer.

        Recommended Brewing  
drip brewer
          The drip method or a vacuum pot will display the Chiapas' chocolate-toned flavor and wonderful acidity best. The French press will emphasize its smooth body and highlight the characteristic notes of toasted nut. This Mexican is adaptable to nearly any type of brewing method except for espresso.      
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