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Kenya AA Coffee
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        Kenya AA
$11.95/12 oz
Grown in the world's most admired origin, Kenya AA is the "red wine" of coffees— a fruit basket of berry-toned flavors that lean toward Merlot in the cup.
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Coffee Specs
        Universally regarded as one of the world's finest, Kenya AA is treasured in the coffee industry. A single origin of exceptional quality, it is full-bodied, vibrant, and deeply complex with black currant flavor and intense aromatics. The Kenya AA grows in deep volcanic soil on plateaus surrounding Mt. Kenya in the central region. This outstanding African derives its reputation from ideal growing conditions and a quality-driven export industry. We take the Kenya AA to a "city" (medium) roast to showcase its considerable flavor and complexity.  
            Growing Region: Mt. Kenya
Elevation: Over 5,500 feet
Varietal: Bourbon, SL28, SL34
Processing: Washed
Roast: City (Medium)
        Origin Notes  

Despite its proximity to coffee's birthplace in Ethiopia, coffee was not imported to Kenya until 1893 from the island of Reunion, formerly the Isle of Bourbon. Today Kenya sets the standard for coffee production and processing. Cultivated on small farms averaging half an acre in size, the Kenya AA grows at altitudes ranging from 5,500 to 6,500 feet. No other group of small farmers anywhere in the world have come close to producing consistently superior quality coffees as the Kenyans do. They are agricultural specialists who seldom apply chemicals to their coffee trees. Rather, they rely on more ecologically prudent methods, such as mulching, pruning, and mowing, to promote growth and address insect control.

Kenya operates efficient cooperatives of small holders, practices advanced wet-processing techniques, and oversees an export industry that rewards coffee growers for attaining high quality. The Kenya Coffee Board oversees the cupping of each coffee lot and assigns a ranking using standardized criteria developed for bean preparation, flavor, acidity, and aroma. The lots are then sent to Nairobi for auction where the finest grades fetch the highest prices. Kenya's best-practice approach to production results in a coffee treasured throughout the world.

Kenyan hut
        Recommended Brewing   vacuum pot    
          Kenya AA's vibrancy is not well suited to espresso brewing as it will heighten brightness. Instead, its layered flavors and fine acidity display best as a drip, pressed, or vacuum pot coffee. Drip brewing will produce a clean, lively cup; the French Press will render a densely layered coffee; and the vacuum pot will showcase Kenya's renowned flavor and complexity.      
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