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History of Coffee  
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Growing Regions

History of Coffee



        Costa Rican coffee plantation   History of Coffee, Part Three      
          April 26, 2010      

Of the three world regions ideally suited to grow coffee—Africa and Arabia, the Pacific, and the Americas—the last region introduced to the coffee tree is the world's premier coffee producer today. That region is the Americas.

The centuries-old odyssey of coffee's cultivation around the globe, its humble beginnings as a medicinal herb in Ethiopia to its standing as the second most traded global commodity after oil, and its stunning...

        old coffeehouse   History of Coffee, Part Two      
April 14, 2010
          When the Dutch imported the first arabica coffee trees to Indonesia in 1699, they established the world's first European-owned coffee estates in the process. Dutch dominance in coffee production and trade would span nearly two centuries and result in unprecedented commercial expansion. With descendants of the coffee seedlings Baba Budan had smuggled out a resistant Arabia in their possession, the Dutch introduced arabica cultivation to Indonesia with plantings in their East Indian colonies of...    
        Yemen coffee merchants   History of Coffee, Part One    
April 6, 2010
The rise of coffee's world standing from an obscure fruit seed in the 5th century to the most traded global commodity after oil today is remarkable. As the ancestral land of all arabica coffees, Africa and Arabia authored the first chapters of coffee's intriguing history. The "discovery" of Coffea arabica, the botanical species that sold the world on coffee, occurred during the 6th century in a land the ancients called Arabia Felix, meaning Fortunate Arabia, on the southern fringe of the Arabian peninsula.
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