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Grand River Blend
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        Grand River Blend
$9.75/12 oz      
The world's truly great coffees, as well as the finest wines, require fertile soil in an ideal microclimate. So it is that our local wine industry benefits significantly from the geographic influence of the Grand River in northeastern Ohio.    
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The Grand River in northeastern Ohio is a picturesque tributary of Lake Erie. And grander still is its contribution to an ideal growing region enjoyed by local vineyards. Tempered by the thermal effects of Lake Erie and nurtured by the rolling land and fertile, well-drained soil along the river—known as the Grand River Valley—wine grapes thrive. Our Grand River Blend tips a hat to "wine country's" important waterway with beans roasted medium dark to tease out a complex, full-bodied cup of buttery sweetness accentuated by dark chocolate notes. Count on a finish that's crystal clean.

During the Ice Age, the Wisconsinan glacier spread over Ohio in lobes. One of them, the Grand River lobe, scraped its way south across northeastern Ohio to create the Grand River and its valley. This region's contours ensure the circulation of warmer air to promote a frost-free environment and an extended growing season for local "cool climate wines," notable for their bright fruit flavors.

Growing Region:    
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Varietal: Various
Roast: Full City (Medium Dark)
        Recommended Brewing  
vacuum pot    

Our Grand River Blend will produce a full-flavored, heavy-bodied cup with virtually any brewing method. French press brewing will emphasize its rich body and aromatics. For a full-bodied cup that amplifies flavor, try the manual or drip method. The vacuum (siphon) pot will play up the layered deep fruit tones and complexity of this coffee and highlight its restrained acidity.

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