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        Butter Rum Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Butter Rum Flavored Coffee
Our mellow Butter Rum duplicates the flavor of pure Jamaican rum but without any of the alcohol. Hints of butter and vanilla contribute additional richness for a coffee as smooth as they come. This is a flavor treat to experience.
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        Caramel Vanilla Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Caramel Vanilla Flavored Coffee
Luxurious caramel accented by richly toned vanilla cream produces an irresistible flavor combination in the cup. Plush and alluring, Caramel Vanilla makes for soothing company in the morning and brings any day to a close with style.
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        Chocolate Mocha Nut Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Chocolate Mocha Nut Flavored Coffee
Our Chocolate Mocha Nut celebrates the flavors of fudgy chocolate, roasted walnuts, and a hint of caramelized sugar for a truly expressive cup. Savor these decadent but guiltless pleasures to your heart's content in this delicious coffee.
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          Cinnamon Hazelnut Flavored Coffee      $9.25/12 oz  
Cinnamon Hazelnut Flavored Coffee
          The welcoming scent of cinnamon lends dimension to the flavor subtleties of hazelnut for a coffee as delicious as it is aromatic. Smooth-bodied and ever so satisfying blended with our arabica beans, Cinnamon Hazelnut feeds the soul.      
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          Coconut Cream Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Coconut Cream Flavored Coffee
The lush, tropical flavor of freshly prepared coconut expresses the splendor of the islands in our dreamy Coconut Cream coffee. Richly fragrant, it resonates with juicy sweetness and captures the subtle essence of what great flavored coffee is meant to be.
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          Crème Brûlée Flavored Coffee    $9.25/12 oz  
Creme Brulee Flavored Coffee
Freshly roasted arabica beans round out Crème Brûlée's caramel sweetness and custard-like notes for a velvety, uniquely fragrant brew. This rich, delectable coffee offers its own just rewards anytime of the day.
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          Danish Pastry Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Danish Pastry Flavored Coffee
Indulge in buttery richness, brown sugar sweetness, and fresh-baked aroma to your heart's content without having to count calories. Danish Pastry is guaranteed to satisfy your "sweet tooth" without adding an ounce of guilt.
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          French Toast Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
French Toast Flavored Coffee
Is there any breakfast treat more appealing than freshly prepared french toast drizzled with maple syrup and dusted with sugar? We're certain you'll find French Toast such good company in the morning that one cup just won't be enough.
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          French Vanilla Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
French Vanilla Flavored Coffee
The flavor and aroma of vanilla cream in a cup of finely roasted coffee is not to be missed. Delicately balanced with a silky body that lingers long after the final sip, French Vanilla is one of life's pure indulgences.
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          Hazelnut Cream Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Hazelnut Cream Flavored Coffee
America's most popular flavor appeals to all coffee lovers, even those who profess disinterest in flavored coffees. Hazelnut's toasty richness harmonizes perfectly with our high-grown arabicas for a coffee as classic as they come.
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    Maple Walnut Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Maple Walnut Flavored Coffee
    Vermont-style maple syrup sprinkled liberally with English walnuts is a flavor invitation few can resist at the start of the day. This sweet, flavorful Maple Walnut coffee partners nicely with pancakes, french toast, or muffins. Breakfast has never tasted so good!  
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    Mudslide Flavored Coffee  $9.25/12 oz  
Mudslide Flavored Coffee
For an avalanche of rich chocolate flavor certain to sweep you away, try our Mudslide coffee version of the popular drink. Hints of alcohol even persist in the finish. For iced coffee, don't forget to top things off with vanilla ice cream.
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          Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee    $9.25/12 oz  
Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee
Created originally as a Limited Edition holiday coffee, Pumpkin Spice earned a host of admirers who wouldn't hear of our retiring it each January. A soothing coffee with the spice-laden reminders of cherished family tradition.
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          Rainforest Nut Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Rainforest Nut Flavored Coffee
Rainforest Nut has remained our customers' favorite flavored coffee since its introduction in 1994. And for good reason. Elegant and smooth with layered notes of exotic nut and fruit, this luscious coffee is sheer paradise in the cup.
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          Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee     $9.25/12 oz  
Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee
As inviting as Southern hospitality, Southern Pecan coffee captures the celebrated essence of toasted pecans balanced by hints of vanilla caramel and sweet maple sugar. Mellow and smooth, it impresses with a richness all its own.
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