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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
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Fresh Roast Coffees   >>   Coffees of Africa   >>  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic
        Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Fair Trade Organic
$9.95/12 oz
The birthplace of all arabica coffee, Ethiopia has woven a reverence for coffee into its culture for centuries.
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Coffee Specs
The coffees grown on the slopes of the Yirgacheffe region truly define "terroir"—a "taste of the place." Our organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe features soaring floral aroma and a cascade of lemon-laced notes layered on a base of milk chocolate. An elegant body heightens its luminous acidity. Untouched by chemicals and favored by tropical shade, the coffee thrives in loamy volcanic soil on villagers' small holdings. The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is celebrated for its distinctive qualities and persuades so in the cup. To bring out every bit of varietal nuance from this exceptional coffee, we take it to a half-city+ (medium-light) roast.
            Growing Region: Sidamo
Elevation: 6,000 feet
Varietal: Native Arabica
Processing: Washed
Roast: Half-City+ (Medium Light)
        Origin Notes  
        The country of Yemen earns bragging rights as the world's first commercial producer of coffee, but the ancestral roots of the arabica (Coffea arabica) tree have been traced to Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffees are notable for their genetic variety and range of flavors. Chief among them is the Yirgacheffe. The wet-processed coffees of the Yirgacheffe region are best known for their intense floral and citrus sweetness. No other coffee in the world possesses its perfumed aroma—evident in the roasted bean as well as in the cup. Since Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, it is fitting that its specialty-grade coffees should transcend all others in their breadth of flavor.

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world, yet its centuries-old coffee traditions are woven richly into the fabric of its culture. A social gathering known as the Ethiopian coffee ceremony is an example. In keeping with custom, villagers welcome guests to their homes with food and conversation, but their collective reverence for coffee dominates the event. During the ceremony, coffee is roasted, ground, brewed, and served.
Ethiopian coffee roasted traditionally
        Recommended Brewing  
manual drip coffee
          The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe partners well with most brewing methods. Its strong suit is flavor which the manual or automatic drip method will highlight by rendering a clean-tasting cup. To underscore the Yirgacheffe's aroma, acidity, and varietal nuance, brew with the vacuum pot. The French press will play up the Yirgacheffe's lovely flavor and amplify its body.      
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