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Colombia Supremo Popayan
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Fresh Roast Coffees   >>   Coffees of the Americas   >>  Colombia Supremo Popayan
        Colombia Supremo Popayan
$9.95/12 oz
We searched high and low to bring you the very finest Colombian coffee. Emphasis on "high"—5,500 feet up the mountain!
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Coffee Specs
        One of our most requested coffees, Colombia Supremo Popayán grows in the acclaimed Cauca (market name Popayán) region. Balanced and medium-bodied with expressions of lush fruit, this specialty-grade Colombian is classified Supremo for its bean size. A coffee with character and hearty aroma, the Popayán exemplifies the classic American cup. We take it to a medium roast to tease out complexity and nuance that, at a darker roast, would become more thinly dimensioned. The Popayán takes on a darker quality as it cools. A shining example of the best from Colombia.   
            Growing Region: Cauca
Elevation: 5,500 feet
Varietal: Caturra, Typica
Process: washed
Roast: City (Medium)
        Origin Notes  
Colombian Coffee Region

The coffee producing areas of the Cauca region of Colombia are lush with rainfall, cloud cover, and soil conditions ideal for coffee cultivation. Dense clouds form from the Pacific and release heavy rainfall over the Cauca valley that averages 80 inches yearly. A cool mountainous climate prolongs the development of the Popayán's coffee cherry which deepens the berry flavor absorbed by its seed, or coffee bean. This flavor is accentuated during the fermentation stage when the defruited bean is processed.

Third behind Brazil and Vietnam in coffee production, Colombian coffee doubtless owns the world's most familiar coffee origin due to the enormously successful promotional campaign the country mounted years ago. Coffee grows throughout Colombia at altitudes ranging from 4,000 to over 6,000 feet.

Colombia harvests the world's largest quantity of specialty-grade coffees which are typically high-grown, hand-sorted, and wet-processed (washed). It is the only South American coffee producer with both Atlantic and Pacific ports, affording the country a distinct shipping advantage. Coffee is so central to its economy that cars seeking to enter the country must first be sprayed for harmful bacteria.

        Recommended Brewing  
drip brewer
          The drip method or a vacuum pot will display the Popayán's flavor and acidity best. The French press will emphasize its already full, rich body. As a medium-roasted coffee, it is adaptable to nearly any type of brewing method, save for espresso extraction which will enhance its brightness and render an acidic brew.      
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