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Growing Regions

History of Coffee




arabica coffee tree   Coffee Varietals  
  June 24, 2010  
  When one considers the factors that influence the flavor of a specific coffee—from its growing region and microclimate to its elevation and processing method—no examination is complete without appreciating the contribution of the coffee tree (varietal) that produced it. Every coffee tree imparts distinct flavor attributes to its fruit (coffee cherries) which are then absorbed by the seeds (coffee beans).  

    About Roast Style  
coffee beans at different roast levels    
  May 3, 2010  
  Second only to the quality of the bean itself, the type of roast applied is the single most important factor affecting a bean’s flavor. Roast styles vary by the degree of heat used and/or the length of time a coffee is held in the roaster. The longer the roast time and/or higher the temperature, the darker and more pungent the bean. As a roast approaches more intense temperatures, a coffee’s body amplifies for a time, acidity diminishes, and varietal characteristics become subdued.  

    Iced Coffee Recipes  
iced coffee    
  Frozen Frappuccino  
  3/4 cup double-strength coffee, chilled
1 cup low-fat milk
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 cups ice

Brew double-strength coffee by measuring out twice the coffee grounds you typically use. Add sugar to the brewed coffee and stir. Cool at...

            Hot Coffee Recipes      
        Vanilla Latte        
          Vanilla Latte      

1 cup espresso OR 1 cup double-strength coffee (brew with twice the coffee grounds)
3 cups steamed milk
1/4 cup vanilla syrup (see recipe below)
Ground cinnamon

Steam milk in small saucepan. Whip half of steamed milk until foamy...

            History of Coffee, Part Three    
The Americas    
  April 26, 2010    

Of the three world regions ideally suited to grow coffee—Africa and Arabia, the Pacific, and the Americas—the last region introduced to the coffee tree is the world's premier coffee producer today. That region is the Americas.

The centuries-old odyssey of coffee's cultivation around the globe, its humble beginnings as a medicinal herb in Ethiopia to its standing as the second most traded global commodity after oil, and its stunning...

    History of Coffee, Part Two    
old coffeehouse      
  April 14, 2010        
  When the Dutch imported the first arabica coffee trees to Indonesia in 1699, they established the world's first European-owned coffee estates in the process. Dutch dominance in coffee production and trade would span nearly two centuries and result in unprecedented commercial expansion. With descendants of the coffee seedlings Baba Budan had smuggled out a resistant Arabia in their possession, the Dutch introduced arabica cultivation to Indonesia with plantings in their East Indian colonies of...    
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    History of Coffee, Part One  
        Yemen coffee merchants      
          April 6, 2010      
The rise of coffee's world standing from an obscure fruit seed in the 5th century to the most traded global commodity after oil today is remarkable. As the ancestral land of all arabica coffees, Africa and Arabia authored the first chapters of coffee's intriguing history. The "discovery" of Coffea arabica, the botanical species that sold the world on coffee, occurred during the 6th century in a land the ancients called Arabia Felix, meaning Fortunate Arabia, on the southern fringe of the Arabian peninsula.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe    
  March 11, 2010      
  Like fine wine, the revered coffees of the world acquire distinctive qualities and exceptional flavor by virtue of their growing regions. Since our coffee company operates in the heart of northeastern Ohio's grape country and fine wineries, we are particularly conscious of a fundamental similarity between coffee production and wine production. A raw product of noble ancestry grown in a time-honored location is as crucial to wine making as it is to specialty coffee roasting.  

    The Health Benefits of Coffee  
cup of coffee    
  February 10, 2010      
  We all subscribe to the old adage that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, here's a new maxim that has gained some traction. Drinking six cups of coffee a day just might keep advanced prostrate cancer away. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, scientific evidence continues to find a strong correlation between coffee consumption and certain health benefits.  

    An Ode to Coffee Blends  
        A post-roast coffee blend.        
January 11, 2010
          For those of us in the specialty coffee roasting business, our offerings represent a balance between single-origin coffees and the proprietary blends we create. A single origin is an unblended coffee from one specific growing region, e.g., Costa Rica or Sumatra. Consumers gravitate to these coffees to experience their varietal character— known as terroir—loosely translated as a "taste of place" in the cup.      
            The Effect of Processing on Coffee Flavor    
  ripe coffee cherries    
    December 31, 2009      
    Do you prefer the flavor of a dry-processed coffee or one that has been wet-processed? If you have no clue what the difference is, you’re not alone. Yet if single origin coffee happens to be your favorite cup of joe, knowing how a processing method affects a coffee’s flavor profile becomes one more factor to consider in your quest for the perfect cup.   
      The Effect of Altitude on Coffee Flavor  
growing elevation    
  December 2, 2009      
  The influence of geography on the flavor of a coffee bean is profound. All coffee grows in the tropics, but the altitude at which it is grown contributes significantly to a coffee’s taste profile. Mountainous regions of the Coffee Belt, a tropical band extending approximately 30º north and south of the equator, produce the world’s truly great arabica coffees. Central and South America, southern Asia and...   

    Freshness Matters  
roasted coffee    
    November 7 , 2009      
    Despite the informed approach consumers follow when shopping for the freshest fruits and vegetables at their favorite stores, many fail to apply that same discerning eye once they reach the coffee aisle. When it comes to coffee, freshness matters. Great coffee begins with fresh-roasted, specialty-grade arabica beans (the coffee industry's highest grade). Coffee is an agricultural crop whose spectacular flavors and aromas fade...  
      New Crop Coffees: A Bounty of Fruit Flavor  
coffee cherries
          October 26, 2009
          The fall harvest season here in northeastern Ohio coincides with the arrival of many of our new crop Central American coffees harvested last January to March. Following harvest, these coffees were defruited, dried, hulled, sorted, packaged, shipped to the port of New Orleans, and delivered to us. A coffee’s chain of custody is exhaustive, yet every step along the way is necessary to preserve...    
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