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Bali Blue Moon
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        Bali Blue Moon
Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified
$9.95/12 oz
Once in a blue moon, a coffee comes along that's downright habit-forming. Bali Blue Moon is such a coffee.
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Coffee Specs
        Exotic and complex, Bali Blue Moon's rich aromatics are a prelude to notes of walnut, semi-sweet chocolate, and vanilla bean in the cup. Big-bodied and smooth, this coffee's bold flavors persist into a long, syrupy black-cherry finish. Although it presents traces of the earthy flavor profile characteristic of Indonesian coffees, Bali Blue Moon renders a clean and classic brew. We take this coffee to a medium-dark roast to capture its "sweet spot" and highlight its memorable character. Grown in the Kintamani Highlands of North Bali, Indonesia, this coffee makes a lasting impression.
          Region: Kintamani Highlands
Elevation: over 4,500 feet
Varietal: S795 and USDA 762
Process: Washed
Roast: Full City (Medium Dark)
        Origin Notes  
coffee cherries

Bali is synonymous with white beaches and tropical get-aways, but not coffee. Coffees from central Bali are virtual newcomers to the North American specialty market and are produced in relatively small volumes. Farmers rely on shade trees such as orange and tangerine to improve both coffee yield and cup quality. The coffee benefits from its proximity to the citrus by absorbing more sweetness and a bit more acidity than other Indonesians. Most of the coffee Bali exports is conventionally wet-processed. Harvesting occurs from May to October when only the ripe fruit is picked, so farmers typically canvas the fields at least three times to pick cherries at their height of flavor.

Owing to the coffee crisis of the 1990s when farmers were paid less for their coffee than it cost to produce, Bali farmers cut down many of their coffee trees and replaced them with citrus. Even if the farmer kept his coffee trees, most of them planted crops of orange and tangerine between the coffee rows to subsidize their incomes and to provide a shade canopy for the ripening fruit.

        Recommended Brewing   French press    
          Bali Blue Moon's lushness is perfectly suited to French press brewing to intensify its sweet, full body. The drip method will emphasize the coffee's clean flavors but brewing with a paper filter will trap some of its aromatic compounds. On the other hand, the vacuum (siphon) pot will deliver pronounced aroma and deeply-toned flavor.      
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