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Every coffee has a story to tell about its land of origin.
Like fine wine, a great coffee reveals its goût de terroir—“taste of the place”—in the cup.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
        Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Fair Trade Organic
$9.95/12 oz        
The birthplace of all arabica coffee, Ethiopia has woven a reverence for coffee into its culture for centuries. But it is the coffee grown on the slopes of the Yirgacheffe region that truly defines the meaning of "terroir." Our organic Yirgacheffe features soaring floral aroma and a cascade of lemon-laced notes layered on a milk chocolate base. An elegant body heightens its luminous acidity. Untouched by chemicals and favored by tropical shade, the coffee thrives in loamy volcanic soil on villagers' small holdings. The Yirgacheffe is celebrated for its distinctive qualities and persuades so in the cup.
Growing Region: Sidamo district
Elevation: 6,000 feet
Cultivar: Native Arabica
Process: Washed
Roast: Half-City+ (Medium Light)
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Kenya AA
Kenya AA    
$11.95/12 oz      
Grown in the world's most admired origin, Kenya AA is the "red wine" of coffees— a fruit basket of berry-toned flavors that lean toward Merlot in the cup. Universally regarded as one of the world's finest, Kenya AA is treasured in the coffee industry. A single origin of exceptional quality, it is full-bodied, vibrant, and deeply complex with black currant flavor and intense aromatics. The Kenya AA grows in deep volcanic soil on plateaus surrounding Mt. Kenya in the central region. This outstanding African derives its reputation from ideal growing conditions and a quality-driven export industry.
Growing Region: Mount Kenya
Elevation: over 5,500 feet
Cultivar: Bourbon, SL28, SL34
Process: Washed
Roast: City (Medium)
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